Welcome to Rie-Makes

Who is Rie-Makes?

 Hi, I am Marie and I am the owner of Rie-Makes! Rie-Makes began in the first stages of Lockdown when my passion for sewing and scrunchies grew and the rest they say is history! 

Since then, I have been working really hard to build Rie-Makes to become a well known, go-to Scrunchies brand! 

I take a huge amount of pride in my scrunchies. I do not make your typical scrunchies, I have worked hard to make sure I have a scrunchie with a good amount of stretch, as well as materials that will last and last. 

Scrunchies in the UK


Why Rie-Makes?

Quite simply, my nieces, nephews and brothers would call me 'Rie' and I am 'Rie-Making' fabrics into something else. 

What does Rie-Makes Sell?


Lots and lots of Scrunchies! These range from:

  • Satin Scrunchies
  • Fluffy Scrunchies
  • Cotton Scrunchies
  • Large Scrunchies
  • Jersey Scrunchies

All in a beautiful range of patterns and colours.

Hair Scrunchie

Reusable Wipes

These resusable wipes are absolutely gorgeous! They have a beautiful cuddle fleece on one side and bamboo on the other. The cuddle fleece is perfect for adding just water and gently cleaning your face or body. 

Hair Bows

These hair bows are hand made by me and look absolutely stunning in anyones hair! They are fixed with a crocodile clip, making them easy to put in and take out. 

And Lots, lots more!